I LOVE THIS SONG!!!  Sometimes we handle relationships like it's laundry.  You have that new outfit.  We wear it.  When it's had it's course, we take it off and through it in a basket.  Next thing we know......when we need something to wear, what do you do?  Do you take the time and do the laundry or do you go and buy another outfit?

Good friends and loved ones are hard to find.  Sometimes we get into a rut with these relations and it can all come at the same time.  However, do we do the work to make life better?  Or is it easier to walk away, and go with something new?  Although we think walking away sounds easier, in the long run it is not.  At some point that laundry sitting in the corner begins to smell, get bigger, and the funk becomes noticeable.  And when it's noticeable, everyone who enters you're space knows there's a funk......but you.  How come you don't notice the smell?  You don't notice it because you have become accustomed to the funk, and there for after awhile it becomes normal to you.   The patience isn't there to handle it, you feel that replacing the situation with something new resolves it, only to find later on down the line, you still wind up having to deal with it.  You learn that if you do not deal with it, it begins to affect you.

We all have or have had a moment in where we don't want to deal with the situations.  Instead we decide to do without, however, we don't not realize that doing without can affect us in how we choose to handle in the future.  These situations are nothing new, and are brought by the same spirits.  These spirits have been around for a long time, but they just change outfits.  While we think that getting a new outfit fits the situation, sometime that new outfit comes at a price we cannot afford.  Is it worth the dime?  Hmmm....I love how Kelly Rowland acknowledges her situation that had her in a rut.  And by doing her dirty laundry, Kelly now reflects a more joyful life.


Tanisha Leverette
08/30/2013 2:48pm

I love this! This is so true about doing the "Dirty Laundry". I myself, prefer to do my dirty laundry because if not I find that I just walk around carrying "that funk". Its easy to leave it in a pile in a corner and look the other way. But the fact still remains it stinks and you need to air out the funk in your life. Deal with the issues at hand and you will end up growing from the lesson and still building that realationship into a healthier one....

Patricia Gibson
08/30/2013 2:54pm

Very True! It took me a while to realize that. I remember when I first heard this song, I was driving and singing the hook, but wasn't really paying attention to it. But when I finally did listen to the words, it hit me. I had to do my dirty laundry. And when I did, I felt so refreshed. And I have also realized that we have to do our laundry consistently to keep from being funky. And the resources we have to stay fresh is so refreshing. ;-)


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