I'm almost 30, and I take this time to reflect on my life.  What kind of life did I live, and what kind of life do I want to live?  Not having any children, yet, I think about what kind of lifestyle would I want my children to witness.  While I lived my life in college, I had great moments.  I REALLY LIVED!!!  Having more smiles than frowns, I nearly did not want to graduate just because I didn't want to leave the life.  But now as I get older, I learned that some things just have to change.

As we get older, some peers, friends, associates begin to fall to the waistline.  Some of us go through things that mold us into a different person.  We begin to experience lifestyles that make us wiser.  We have children and teach them to do better.  We gain loved ones who are here for the long run, or may wind up being in our life for just for a season.  Through it all, how much have we changed?  We live either a happy life or a miserable one.  Which one are you living?  If your life just seems like it's just not bringing great joy....consider a change.  Re-evaluate yourself and the choices you make and the things you accept in your life.  Don't change to accommodate others.  Change so that you life a joyful life.  The choices that greatly affect us is our environment.  Our environment impacts our lifestyle more than we know.  To make this change we have to evaluate our priorities, and put things in order.  And if they are in the right order, we can experience peaceful living.

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