Challenge:  Exchange one bad eating or drinking habit for a good one.

Hmmmm.....There is that old saying, "You are what you eat."  While away on a trip to VA, I was at a tailgate, and decided to have a bunless cheeseburger.  While I know that my carb intake should be at an ultimate low, who can really pass on good piece of bread.  However, after having that bunless burger, I have found myself on a new eating habit.  I enjoyed it so much and realized that there was more flavor in my meal.  With the buns, I didn't realize how much of the the flavor I was missing on my meat.  So for the next couple of days, whenever, I had a burger, I went bunless and still I am.

Eating healty can be a challenge for all of us, however, you have to set your mind to believe you can do it.  Tasting and exploring difference and healthy recipes to eat healthy brings more flavor to your table.  I found that changing my mindset on the foods I eat, have really helped me get a better control of my weight.

What habit are you changing?  Let us know.


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