Challenge:  Make a change to be better.  Stand firm in who you are transforming into.

You have had that time to yourself.  You have revamped the way you think, operate, and are now set out to achieve your goals.   You have told your friends and family about the changes you are going to implement, and they respond with discouraging statements making you feel like you are not who you say you are or will be.  It's okay!!!  This is normal. 

When you are making personal changes to better yourself, you may get a little discouragement from your peers and loved ones.  The key thing is to be consistent on your changes.  After awhile, when they see that you are consistent in your change, one of two things will happen.  1) They will begin to support you and encourage you.  2) They will fall to the waistline.  If they fall, it's okay.  Because God is only making room for better people or better things that will need that energy and attention.


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