What an inspiring weekend!!!!  I attended my unit's Mary Kay retreat and learned about challenges many women face.  The challenges were not just about their business, but in life generally.  The best challenge I heard was from Tina Dees, Cadillac Driving Top Trip Director.  She talked about her trip to Beijing, China and climbing the Great Wall.  The sparkling part of her story was as she climbed the wall, there were different steps.  Some small and some big.  As she climbed the wall, she began to run out of breathe, and wasn't sure she could make it.  After cheering her on and coaching her to breathe as she climbs, her husband then told her, "you don't have to finish, you can stop here."  Not wanting to be give up, she was determined to continue to reach the top to join a picnic with other Directors.  As she did so, there were others who did not even attempt to go up the steps at all.  Did Tina make it?  Yes, she did.  This story was so moving because it taught me that we sometimes face challenges, and do not realize that we can beat it if we try.  And after we have completed the challenge, we have learned a new limit within ourselves, feel accomplished, and realize that we can do anything through Christ Jesus who strengthens us.

The next couple of weeks, we will be going through some challenges.  Some may feel big and some may feel small.  These challenges are to strengthen your confidence in yourself.

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