Challenge:  Practice starting each day with a dedicated time for God.  Pray, worship, and/or read.

Divine order is a topic that some women do not receive clarity on.  After searching the bible for scriptures on God's Divine Order, I will honestly say it was not easy.  When researching God's order: God First, Family Second, and Ministry/Career Third, I came across a fascinating concept from the book of Genesis.  Just pay attention to how God put life together on this earth.  He created a man, Adam, and a woman Eve to help him take care of the earth.  And before he placed children and other aspects of todays life, God ordained their marriage.  After that, the bible goes on to inform us of God then creating families, and the development of ministries amonst His people.  And all that understood this divine order were pleased beyond measure.  And all that didn't understand, lived in and turmoil.  Now....if someone in my early years of understanding had broke it down to me that way, life of course would be different. 

Now, that I am practicing on a more regular basis to give God His time, focus on my family, and placing my career third, I see all else fall into place.  The devil tries to distract me to show me otherwise, but when I turn to God to put him into his place.  It's amazing, the peace that comes to life.


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